VITO’s specialist lab for tailored organic and inorganic chemical analysis works according to your individual needs, offering fully customisable solutions and targeted advice. 

Tailored organic and inorganic chemical analysis

Some examples of the possibilities:

  • The impact of nanoparticles on the environment

VITO assesses how selected classes of consumer plastic products emit nanoparticles into the environment and the potential impact of these particles on life. This is achieved through a robust series of science-based protocols based on regulation and best practices.

  • Insight in total organic material composition

VITO enables access to DART MS, a real time mass spectrometry screening technique able to directly measure solid and liquid materials to obtain insights into total organic material composition and search for targeted compounds. 

  • Non-targeted screening (NTS)

Non-targeted screening (NTS) answers to the question “What is there?” using a mass spectrometry toolbox to extensively screen for unknown compounds and to deliver data visualisation in a customized dashboard tool. This enables NTS to be used in different ways, including early warning, control system and/or risk assessment.

  • Human biomonitoring (HBM)

VITO is developing solutions for addressing human biomonitoring, exposomics and risk assessment initiatives in a holistic way from design of study to sampling, processing, analysing and safe data management and storage.  

VITO’s specialist lab for tailored organic and inorganic chemical analysis works for a wide variety of sectors: all types of industry (multinationals and SME’s), NGOs, governments, research institutes and universities.

ILSA case - chemical characterisation

ILSA S.p.a. is an agrochemical company headquartered in Arzignano (Italy), which produces and supplies biostimulants and other bio-active products for agriculture together with organic and organo-mineral fertilisers, solids and liquids. They joined forces with VITO for their expertise on chemical characterisation.

We took VITO on board for a first project regarding one of our main bio-active substance of natural origin, triacontanol. We were struggling to get sound, objective data from various laboratories that offer standard services. We realised that our needs were beyond “standard” and that we needed a scientific project partner rather than a service provider. The broad expertise and technology that is available at VITO made the difference.

A large portion of the plant-based products remains untapped because the chemical constitution is unclear or unknown. Based on a wide array of analytical tools VITO is now bringing characterisation to the next level by both testing our hypotheses regarding the constitution but also bringing in new insights based on wide unknown compound screening and structure elucidation.

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