Deep geothermal energy remains on the radar as a candidate for sustainable energy. Since the start of the first test drilling on 15 September 2015, much has been realised on the Balmatt site. For example, in August 2018, the third drilling well was finalised. The well is 4 905 metres long and reaches a depth of 4 235 m at the top of the Devonian layer. The results of the well tests have shown that well three differs from the expected outcome. The researchers performed a seismic campaign in the well to better understand the flow paths in the deep subsurface. Among other things, on the basis of this, it is being studied how this third well can be integrated into the geothermal roll-out.

The main activities on the Balmatt site are now focused on running the geothermal energy plant for the heat supply of SCK-CEN, Belgoprocess and VITO. Since the end of February 2019, the plant’s test runs have been started to ensure optimum operation. Microseismic, corrosion of and scaling in the tubes are among the challenges that the researchers must tackle.

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