The people of Europe know that and that is why projects have been commenced that measure this kind of microclimate. They allow us to create an image of the urban climate and to map the influence that buildings, businesses, squares and green spaces have on temperature, humidity and ventilation. We can also, literally, go a step further and study how the location and organisation of a city or village promotes or limits the health of its inhabitants. This allows us to draw up a 'walkability score'.

The climate, climate change and the influence of that global climate on local quality of life is a matter of concern for the future. Local interventions can increase or even decrease this effect. One of the focal points is water management. By monitoring periods of severe drought or heavy rainfall, it is possible to intervene quickly when an emergency arises. Thanks to the creation of a large-scale permanent sensor network "Internet of Water", we can map the available water reserves and optimize its use.

Measuring is knowledge. This statement applies to many projects for which VITO applies its expertise. That is why it is so important that this expertise is supported and recognised by the policy. 



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