It would therefore be useful if we could use the energy we have left over at peak times during off-peak times or if we could adapt our energy consumption to these fluctuations. What is more, we are no longer merely energy consumers, but are also increasingly becoming energy producers. In order to use this energy economically and sustainably, we need smart applications.

At present, energy is still supplied in one flowing stream. Fossil fuels allow this as well. But that is not sustainable, ecological or economical. If we want to use energy efficiently, we need to find a system where surplus energy can be used at peak times. We can also use waste heat more wisely and use it to meet existing needs. Although we don't even have to go that far. It is sometimes enough to use our energy networks smartly and to spread energy consumption in a different way. The user does not need to be inconvenienced by this, in fact. VITO/EnergyVille is involved in various projects where this type of system is tested on a greater scale – by neighbourhood, building complex or city.

However, this sustainable use of energy is also possible on a micro level. With smart energy meters in the home, consumption by household appliances or heating appliances can be linked to the times when sustainable energy is available in abundance. In this way, not only will private consumption be reduced, but renewable energy will also be used optimally.