Chemistry ... many students turn their noses up at it. But what if you integrate chemistry into an augmented reality game and you can use an app on your mobile phone in the city to search for 104 elements from Mendeleev's periodic table? With the city game ResourCity was launched anybody can "hunt" for chemical elements and use them to "build" new elements.

Children learn faster and better with games. It's no different with adults either. If VITO wants to explain circular economy to entrepreneurs, professionals and higher education students, RISK & RACE is a practical hands-on game that allows them to immediately get to grips with the principles of circular economy.

But sometimes you can only explain science well 'on the floor'. This is precisely why VITO has a STEM learning centre on deep geothermal and heat networks at the VITO geothermal power plant, with a visual presentation of the subsoil, a pop-up living room of the future and a guided tour of virtual reality.

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