Some companies are already promoting themselves with sustainable business as a quality label. They make it clear that they only want to use reused, recycled or renewable building materials and that they are aiming for a low environmental impact in their business activities. 

Companies do not always have to do all the work on their own. In the Kempen region, for example, a project is underway on the co-creation of circular business models, specifically for the construction sector.

There is still a great deal of room for improvement, especially when it comes to renovation work. VITO/EnergyVille is responding to this by developing tools that calculate the impact of certain interventions more accurately than ever before. This could be at municipal level, where the municipality has access to a platform that provides insight into the sustainability of the homes in that municipality. Tools were also finalised that calculate the sustainability of individual renovation projects and indicate which options are the best. In addition, the owner of that building is given a free insight into the most suitable improvements to the house.

VITO has co-developed projects that not only mapped out the ecological footprint of individual building materials, but also succeeded in developing a system that allows us to calculate the ecological footprint of a complete building and even took into account the interactions between the different building materials.

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