In 2018, the Council of Ministers gave the green light on maximising renewable energy in the future Belgian electricity grid whilst striving to keep costs to a minimum. The government is not looking in just one direction here: both solar and wind energy – the most obvious sources of renewable energy in our country – are being further developed. The policy plan has many consequences and a thorough study and analysis of all the possibilities should pave the way for its development. VITO's expertise will be used here. How can we promote more renewable energy sources in our electricity grid, at minimum cost and with low risks to the stability of the grid? When is the time ripe to expand and renew our electricity grid? How should we deal with batteries? These are all questions to which VITO is looking for an answer.

The cost of energy to citizens is a recurring issue because current tariff structures do not take into account the new forms of energy systems and energy supplies. The distribution grid tariff structures must be adapted to this evolution. This is only possible if everything that helps determine these rates is taken into account. 

VITO/EnergyVille is also involved in a large-scale project with 14 Belgian research institutes that will jointly develop energy models to study the future of energy in Belgium.