Research projects under the EU Horizon programme typically run for four years. VITO was very successful in 2021 and in 2022 in securing this type of European, innovative research programmes. The growth in staff numbers in 2022 and those expected in 2023 can be seen as a direct result of this. For example, in 2022 VITO crossed the 1000-employees milestone and will certainly also reach the 1,100th and possibly even 1,200th employee to join VITO. The fact that we are recruiting more and more international talent demonstrates that Flanders and VITO are playing - and winning - the 'war on talent' on a global scale. Digital tools, including a fully integrated onboarding app, help us considerably in this respect. Not only HR has been further digitised, but the entire internal VITO operation has received better digital support. The structural application of tele- and homeworking has created specific challenges, but also data management and protection, along with the protection of VITO intra- and internet traffic were given additional attention.

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