We evaluate since 20 years the internal organizational culture operations. We want to know how the VITO values are perceived in the workplace, and to what extent they are aligned with the personal values of our employees and their expectations of the organisational culture.

Like many other organisations, the corona crisis forced VITO to change the way of working and collaborating in a very short time. Early 2021, VITO set up the internal working group ‘Work organisation of the future’. The working group set a series of objectives and starting points and looked at them from 4 perspectives: Bricks, Bytes, Behaviour and Business. An important change in VITO’s work organisation is that the activities and interactions of employees will determine where they work. Our offices will therefore no longer be the standard workplace for every employee. Team members formalised all team agreements together in agreement frameworks. We also reviewed the role of our buildings. After a long period of working from home, we have started this new way of working and build on our work organisation of the future since spring 2022.

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