The Food Team was launched. All employees can purchase food products on a weekly basis that support the local economy and small-scale, sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

We want to convey our ambition. That is why VITO signed the charter of the Green Deal companies. The aim of this charter is to increase the biodiversity in business parks and to strengthen the support base for this.

VITO has also clearly shown the outside world what it stands for.  During the first edition of Supernova, VITO presented visionary solutions, technologies and insights to more than 6,000 citizens. It was a great success. As was Science Day, where more than 2,000 participants were introduced to our sustainable innovations. After all, innovative technology is the key to a sustainable world. Good intentions are not enough, we need to strive for results. This is something that the almost 1,400 participants of the second edition of G-STIC are already convinced of.

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