VITO's mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. Therefore, as a research centre, we want to focus on the development of sustainable technologies and be a reliable and connecting partner of and between companies, knowledge centres and governments. As an independent research centre, we can use our insights and innovations to strengthen the economic and social fabric in Flanders.

Anyone who wants to do sustainable business must opt for circular economy in all its forms. The search for better and more sustainable forms of energy and energy management have led to new insights. In view of the challenges posed by climate change, we put a lot of effort into everything to do with land use. More efficient use of agricultural land will lead to better harvests, less spraying and more profitable cultivation. By better monitoring the water in our watercourses, we can draw conclusions and make forecasts. In this way we can anticipate the negative consequences of a changing climate. We focus on developing solutions that can capture and reuse CO2, reduce the energy demand for chemical processes and answer questions about the processing of plastic waste and residual flows. We also focus on all environmental factors that determine our health. Through large-scale biomonitoring, we help governments to draw conclusions and take measures.

These insights often form the basis for the development of new technologies. They are inextricably linked to a better, more sustainable future. 

Board of directors

President: Ingrid Vanden Berghe

Members: Jan Delcour, Elke Van de Walle, Michel Meeus, Ingrid Vanden Berghe, Wim Van den Abbeele, Eric Vermeylen, Isabel Van Driessche, Katrien Bonneux, Christiane Malcorps, Francis De Meyere, Danielle Vermaelen, Robert Malina 

Meetings of the Board of Directors are also attended by: Inge Neven (CEO), Bob Van den Broeck (government commissioner), Elise Steyaert (government commissioner)

Observers: Johan Keppens (PMV),  Wesley Boënne (VITO), Maarten Spruyt (VITO), Roger Dijkmans (VITO secretary)

VITO connects

We accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. We de-risk innovation for businesses and we strengthen the economic and societal fabric of Flanders, with interdisciplinary research and large-scale pilot installations.

VITO & companies

VITO is working together with companies, either directly or in partnership with industry networks such as the spearhead clusters and employers’ organisations, to reduce the risk of sustainable innovation for companies. In Flanders and by extension internationally.

VITO & science

VITO has a strong reputation in the Flemish and European scientific communities and works together with internationally renowned institutions. 

VITO & society

VITO makes objective and scientific information available to policymakers and citizens in order to have an impact on social debates about the transition to a sustainable society and the achievement of climate goals.