Best professional project and public award for Waste Watchers.

River Cleanup and VITO are proud to announce that Waste Watchers received two Geospatial Awards. The Geospatial Awards 2023 are organized by FLAGIS and AM/FM GIS Belux. The awards were presented during the Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal on October 26, 2023. Waste Watchers won in the category for the best professional project launched or completed in 2022 or 2023 and also received the public award.

Waste Watchers is a unique research project that enables citizens to use small drones and Artificial Intelligence to detect litter. Over the past months, Waste Watchers has engaged citizens from all of Belgium to collect as many aerial images of the banks of the river Scheldt by using drones. Using AI, these images are processed and converted into a user-friendly waste dispersal map that will clearly show how much litter is present and where the waste is piling up. Thanks to this map, cleanup campaigns can be organized more easily.

Discover more about the Waste Watchers project and the upcoming waste dispersal maps in the blog post 'Waste Watchers enables citizens to detect and map litter with drones and AI'.

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