In Flanders, we live in the illusion that there is an abundance of water. Nothing could be further from the truth. Flanders is one of the regions in Europe with the greatest water shortage. This poses a serious threat to our economy. Companies are left with many questions: what does this mean for my company and how do I tackle it best? In order to help companies select the right measures, VITO launches the Water Barometer tool.

The Water Barometer provides companies with insight into their water management and suggests targeted optimisation actions. A comprehensive water balance with all water flows and related costs is visually presented and the risks of the water sources are mapped. 

At the same time, the companies receive an environmental analysis with nearby alternative, sustainable water sources. Suitable purification techniques are also presented for these water sources.

This tool was designed within the Smart WaterUse project, with financial support from VLAIO, coordinated by Flanders' Food. The Water Barometer tool is one of the project realisations that helps to reduce the water risks of companies in the food, aquaculture, textile and tourism sectors.

The Water Barometer is free

The tool is freely available at

After requesting and confirming a login and password, your company can get started with the various modules. Free online training sessions help you on your way. For further guidance, you can always contact the project coordinator at Flanders' Food.

+32 14 33 69 10