During metallurgical processes, a number of waste materials are produced next to the intended metals. Metal slag is a key material stream in these waste materials. Metal slag still contains a few percent valuable metal. Recovering it makes sense if there is a sustainable application for it too. VITO helps you develop these applications.

Your challenges

Getting added value out of waste
Reducing waste
Lowering your waste costs

How we can help

Together with you, we analyse whether it is feasible to increase the value of your steel slag.
We help you set up and further develop the treatment process.
Together with you we look for business models to commercialise the improved materials.

An example

Together with Orbix (formerly Recmix) VITO examined whether construction materials can be made from finely ground steel slag and CO2. It goes without saying that the end result had to be strong and stable, and meet the most stringent environmental standards. And it worked. We developed a process that converts alkaline steel slags - after reaction with CO2 - into artificial limestone. The created product can perfectly withstand the comparison to traditional building materials.

More information on www.carbstoneinnovation.be.

Business development
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