Preventive health is more than just avoiding disease. It also means making sure that as many conditions as possible are met in order to live a healthy life.

Do you need professional help to measure air quality and odour? Do you want to monitor the air quality in your city or company with a sensor network? What is the efficiency of your innovative air-purifying technology? VITO can help you track and characterize sources and hotspots.

Our Environment & Health research aims to identify factors that influence disease risks and promote primary prevention and a healthy life. We focus on the understanding of multiple external influences from the environment and lifestyle on biological responses and health effects.

The detection of diseases at an early stage of development provides many benefits, such as timely and specific treatment with considerable cost savings and the ability to trace the cause of an illness. To support the progress of early diagnostics, VITO focuses on the development of diagnostic assays and technologies, and on the identification of new biomarkers. We do this in close collaboration with academic partners, health experts and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.