Sustainable use of land and the subsurface requires a well balanced approach. VITO focuses on 3D geological modeling, deep geothermal energy applications and land use policy analyzes. Solving complex spatial issues related to land use and management of geological resources are key activities. Our services, models and decision support tools provide a thorough scientific and technological basis for decisions that policy makers take aiming for sustainable land use.

We focus on deep geothermal energy and large-scale energy storage systems in combination with district heating. VITO delivers services in the entire geothermal project development from the prefeasibility study untill the operational phase and  offers a GEOWATT toolbox for the optimization of energy-generating technologies.

Building on our expertise in a broad range of environmental topics, VITO develops solutions to support cities and regions in addressing environmental problems.  We aim together with local governments and communities to provide user friendly tools that help our administrations and their partners to steer policy decisions for the mutual benefit of citizens and the surrounding environment.

VITO applies geological and minewater modelling for creating computerized representations of the underground and the groundwater flow within. The resulting 3D geological and hydrogeological models are used for managing and quantifying natural resources. In particular, Minewater modelling supports  the drafting of mine abandonment plans and the development of new applications such as the use of flooded mines for geothermal energy production or storage.

We are offering high level and complex spatial analysis and modelling solutions for policy issues related to the localisation of new business park, infrastructure, distributed energy production and nature. Supporting in the path to more rational and sustainable land use. VITO focuses on two product lines Geodynamix for solving complex spatial issues related to land use and Geoflex for spatial issues relating to emissions to water and air, or energy.


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