Climate change and urbanisation put increasing pressure on our natural resources.  VITO provides products and services for governments and private sector to better manage, predict and control our scarce resources. For this we make use of an internationally renowned knowledge platform based on computer models & information technology.

Air pollution and climate change are serious threats to our health and our environment. VITO supports governments, industry and the private sector in making decisions to become climate resilient and to improve air quality. VITO provides services, decision support instruments, risk analyzes and models so that our customers can take the best informed decisions to proceed to actions.

Sustainable use of land and the subsurface requires a well balanced approach. VITO focuses on 3D geological modeling, deep geothermal energy applications and land use policy analyzes. Solving complex spatial issues related to land use and management of geological resources are key activities. Our services, models and decision support tools provide a thorough scientific and technological basis for decisions that policy makers take aiming for sustainable land use.

From distant satellites to buzzing drones, VITO Remote Sensing enables you to use technology you could’ve only dreamed of before. Starting from your needs, we develop the right sensor and choose the matching instrument to get your project underway.

Water is, without doubt, the most important substance on our planet.  VITO offers a 360° view on water, integrating the environmental, technological, societal and business dimensions.  We develop smart water solutions for and  in close collaboration with cities/governments, industry and agriculture.