2 years
316, 000

Project introduction

VITO establishes an open web-based urban climate change information platform for Niamey, Niger. The platform is tailored to suit the needs of local authorities and stakeholders from civil society. Uptake of the U-CLIP platform by these local actors will assist the formulation of widely supported measures to enhance Niamey’s resilience to projected impacts of climate change. 
The project also entails a plan to achieve a massive upscaling of the u-CLIP platform towards other cities across the African continent.

Project highlights

  • Digital platform with high-resolution urban climate information
  • Identification of the urban heat island effects now and in the future
  • Support for Niamey city officials to moderate the impact of heat waves for the health sector and to enforce the energy sector with information about cooling degree days
  • Involvement of city officials, councils, youth and local urban planning experts


To strengthen, through the U-CLIP platform, the resilience of African cities to climate change impacts 


Budget: 316,000 EUR, of which 90% funded by a grant from Enabel’s Wehubit programme


  • ACMAD, the African Centre for Meteorological Applications for Development
  • Ville de Niamey (Département de l’environnement et des aménagements paysagers)


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