Thanks to sensors, data communication and management, the processing and interpretation of water data is becoming smarter, cleaner and faster. This allows the reactive monitoring of water consumption and quality to be converted into a proactive approach. Implementation of an online water dashboard with smart and clear visualizations, based on flowmeters with real time data exchange and online sensors, offers numerous advantages.

Your challenges

Real-time monitoring of water consumption and water quality
Rapid detection of water related problems linked to alarms
Water consumption linked to production volumes and other KPIs
Visualization of water indicators with respect to historical data
Increased involvement and motivation through real-time communication

Key applications

Water management 4.0
Process control

For whom?


an exemplary example

At the carwash De Wasstraat in Herent our water experts implemented the Water Management 4.0 approach. In 2014, a water audit was carried out, followed by the construction of a new treatment plant with 90% water reuse.  In 2018, 25 digital water meters were installed that process all data in an online platform of IT partner Calculus.

Together with De Wasstraat, a very clear real-time water portal was developed where the various parameters can be followed up. 

This provides a clear insight into the various water consumptions, a solid basis for further optimisations and the possibility of saving time for manual data processing.