Water is, without doubt, the most important substance on our planet.  VITO offers a 360° view on water, integrating the environmental, technological, societal and business dimensions.  We develop smart water solutions for and  in close collaboration with cities/governments, industry and agriculture.

The use of groundwater and drinking water in industry is under pressure. Optimizing water networks, water treatment and reuse, rethinking processses, the use of alternative water sources ... these are the challenges industry is facing today. We can help you in optimizing your water management.

To secure our natural water bodies, t’s important to have the overall catchment in mind. Worldwide, there is need for a balanced water supply management. VITO supports regional and international policy safeguarding surface and groundwater bodies and establishes partnerships to implement solutions adapted to the local context.

Producing and processing food requires a lot of water. The use of pesticides and fertilizers also has an impact on the quality of water resources. Efficient and safe use of water is of major concern for the whole field to fork value chain. Discover here how we can strengthen the competitiveness of your company.

The demand for high quality water is increasing in urban areas. In addition, climate change and water pollution put even more pressure on the availability of water for urban residents. Discover here our vision on sustainable urban development.

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