Having enough water of a high quality is essential to life on our planet and a stable economy. Both surface water – in lakes and rivers – and groundwater require careful management. VITO experts are working together to create optimum water management.

In DreamVille, the Tomorrowland festival village, smart sensors register water consumption. Researchers of the WaterVille project also test which aspects affect that consumption.

Manure, fertiliser and crop protection products can pollute our drinking water sources. Together with farmers, the European WaterProtect project is looking for new farming methods that have less of an impact on water quality.

VITO Balmatt

The energy sector is one of the largest water consumers in Europe. With drinkable water getting scarcer, this approach is now being questioned. The European MATChING project is looking for new technologies to make power stations more water-efficient.

A great deal of water is needed to dye and rinse textiles. The EU project ECWRTI researches how textile companies can purify and re-use their rinse water.