Water reserves in Flanders and Europe are dwindling. In a circular economy, wastewater is therefore recycled as much as possible. The development of water-saving production processes is also in the picture.

Flanders Circular

The task of the Vlaanderen Circulair (Flanders Circular) partnership, of which VITO is also a member, is to shape the circular economy in Flanders. Vlaanderen Circulair supports authorities, companies, civil-society and knowledge organisations that jointly want to take the step towards a sustainable and water-saving society. Here the focus is on closing water cycles (by recycling water as much as possible).

Economic benefits

The fact that a circular economy is better for the living environment is widely known. But many companies are not yet convinced of the fact that you can also save costs – and even make a profit – by producing in a circular way. VITO helps companies to translate circular principles into concrete opportunities in their business processes. This is possible, for example, by recycling wastewater, by sharing water with other companies in a ‘smart grid’, etc.

Demonstration projects

VITO and VLAKWA support quite a few demonstration projects that illustrate the economic possibilities of wastewater. ECWRTI’s EColoRO concept, for example, shows how textile mills can consume 90 percent less water by filtering dyes from the rinsing water and recycling the liquid. Sophisticated water demonstrators allow technology suppliers to test new innovations in a realistic setting (industry/city). The broad approach proves the Flanders is well on its way to becoming a ‘living lab’ for new, sustainable water concepts.