Digitisation is also trickling down into water research. Smart measuring and monitoring systems and advanced data analysis make more efficient use of water possible. 

Water-wise Society

Water affects all aspects of our society. A ‘water-wise’ society is best achieved through an integrated approach, with agriculture, industry and cities implementing measures both separately and jointly. In the ‘Water-wise Society’ co-creation process, VITO is collaborating with water technologists, Internet of Things specialists, architects, urban developers, farmers, and more. Together we are looking for smart upgrades and business opportunities within the water networks. VITO’s contributions include expertise in monitoring systems, data processing, water management, adaptive measures and modelling of (ground)water streams.

A water-wise city

Extreme weather conditions require changes to the water policy in cities. In order to recognise the most necessary changes, practical tools are available that divide the urban water chain into different aspects. Local authorities can use this to correct their policy.

A water-wise company

Mini sensors, data communication and data processing; everything can be carried out in a smarter and faster way today! The previous reactive monitoring of water consumption and quality can be transformed into a proactive approach. Implementation of an online water dashboard with a smart and clear look, based on flow meters with real-time data exchange and online sensors, yields a number of benefits for your company.

Global perspective

By 2030, almost half the world population will be facing water issues. To combat this global water crisis, we must focus both on our local water consumption and on the water used by other countries to produce goods and services for us. The aim of VITO/VLAKWA’s Project W (Worldly-wise with Water) is to achieve responsible water use in five Flemish municipalities. Among other things, the initiative will analyse the sanitary infrastructure in the relevant municipalities and prepare suggestions for optimising it. The analysis will be the starting point for an extensive awareness campaign.