Water affects many aspects of our society: the economy, legislation, the social fabric, technological developments, and much more besides. These are all reasons why VITO is working on obtaining a full overview of all aspects involving water. Our motto is ‘getting the right water to the right place at the right time’.

Data and system knowledge

In order to improve water management, we must first understand how water systems work. By properly monitoring water quality and identifying sources of pollution, we can set to work efficiently and effectively. VITO develops modelling and monitoring techniques that track down issues and provide an insight into their consequences: what happens if, for example, the level of heavy metals in the water rises? We use specially adapted tools to determine which measures may have a positive impact.

Combining expertise

How can we extract maximum value from our water? Open communication and allowing citizens and companies to have their say make it possible to adopt an integrated approach. The VITO Water team consists of more than 40 specialists in environmental technology, hydrology, hydrogeology, economics and IT. They support local and international authorities and companies in the field of sustainable water management. View our approach:

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing

The Flanders Knowledge Centre Water (VLAKWA) brings companies, researchers, the government and the water sector together in an integrated water context.