VITO is constructing a deep geothermal energy plant on the Balmatt site in Mol, which will eventually consist of six wells. As of 2019, the buildings of VITO, SCK.CEN and Belgoprocess will be heated with geothermal energy. The broader region of the Campine can follow suit.

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It is well known that deep geothermal energy can cause earthquakes. These are usually mild earthquakes that can only be recorded using sensitive measurement equipment. The injection of cooled water appears to be a significant cause of these. By determining the location of the earthquakes, we are able to establish how the substrate responds to differences in pressure in connection with the injection. This allows us to become more familiar with the substrate.

Radioactive elements resulting from the decay of natural uranium and thorium are found everywhere in the Earth's crust. These natural radioactive substances are referred to as NORM, or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials.