We want to help to prepare your business for the future, whether by making industrial production processes more efficient, with lower energy consumption and higher productivity, or by improving existing products and developing new ones, with improved properties and new applications, while at the same time recycling auxiliary materials and reducing or valorising waste streams. You can count on us as a partner for product innovation, and together we will bring your idea to life.

Our goal is to create a less expensive end-product with even better properties in an energy-efficient manner, using less metal. In order to put this sustainability vision into practice, we need scientific insight. And here, VITO’s expertise comes in handy.

Jo Rogiers
CEO Aurubis

VITO is particularly strong in scaling up innovative technologies for commercial use. We have the technological knowledge in-house, but we also know how to apply it to a specific business case. In addition, we take care of the follow-up and train the operators who will soon start working independently with the technology.

Roel Vleeschouwers
Business Development VITO