Greensoil deploys unique VITO process for on-site sanitation of contaminated groundwater

The Greensoil Group has reached an exclusive European licensing agreement with VITO for the use of a patented process for the on-site sanitation of contaminated groundwater. After a thorough knowledge transfer, Greensoil has already launched a first groundwater sanitation project with VITO technology in the Port of Antwerp on a former DOW site. The contaminated groundwater is purified in a mobile, bioreactor partly developed by VITO, equipped with a unique VITO-bred bacterial mix. After this test, Greensoil will use the technology in soil remediation projects.

Unique mobile solution for contaminated groundwater

VITO's mission is to offer its advanced technologies to specialized market players to expand their services. In this case, VITO's patented technology offers a solution for groundwater contaminated with MTBE and TBA. These fossil fuel additives are responsible for a common historical pollution of soil and groundwater, because they are difficult to break down spontaneously when they reach soil and groundwater.

The solution consists of a combination of a unique bacterial mix, bred by VITO, which is brought on site in a mobile bioreactor, partially developed by VITO. The contaminated groundwater is pumped up, aerobically purified on site using the bacteria, and pumped back into the soil. VITO has already successfully validated the technology from a lab to a pilot scale at various customers, and it is now proven by Greensoil on an industrial scale.

The power of biological remediation

On 28 November 2017, the Greensoil Group made a state of affairs regarding the advantages and possibilities of biological remediation techniques by means of a well attended seminar 'The power of biological remediation'. Concrete project examples were used to explore new research areas (e.g. phthalates, 1,4-dioxane, biological air purification, MTBE water purification via VITO process). In addition, the strength and speed of already proven biological soil remediation techniques were demonstrated by means of a the recent results on a number of current full remediation projects of the Greensoil Group.


Greensoil expands range of biological remediation methods

Greensoil specializes in biological remediation methods. Greensoil is currently active in 7 countries and can carry out remediation projects throughout Europe. Greensoil already applies various biological remediation methods.

With this VITO technology, Greensoil further expands its range of biological remediation methods. The VITO technique is a useful addition for Greensoil to handle certain more complex soil contaminants on a sustainable and cost-effective basis. The on site biological remediation of MTBE contaminated groundwater is clearly more sustainable but certainly more cost-effective than the conventional methods.