How can we ensure that Europe still has sufficient raw materials by 2050 to guarantee the competitiveness of its industry? In the European HORIZON 2020 project VERAM, five European technology platforms are joining forces to elaborate a vision for the future.

Materials sector

In the VERAM project, representatives of business organisations and research institutions from five material-intensive economic sectors are working together at European scale: forestry, minerals, construction, chemistry and materials. The goal: to advise the European Commission and the Member States on future research and policy needs concerning raw materials, in order to accelerate innovation.

VITO represented the materials sector and was responsible for identifying global research and policy on the use of raw materials: what is the state of affairs, where are the gaps in the research, is Europe placing the right accents in its policy?

2030 and 2050

This analysis led to a common vision on raw materials, and a roadmap for research and innovation for 2050. The European Commission will use this vision and these recommendations to shape its future research policy on raw materials.

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