The search for raw materials for sustainable product innovation, or opportunities for valorisation of waste streams, requires an overview of the entire value chain. It consists of understanding the various actors, preconditions, and the legislative framework, to name just a few aspects. This is where VITO can offer added value, thanks to its involvement in academic and industrially relevant networks, which provide it with a clear view of needs and requirements when it comes to creating feasible scenarios. This translates into support and a facilitating role in setting up the value chain, alongside technological development in the field of biomass and CO2 valorisation.

We’re looking for algae as a raw material for cosmetics. We want to make products with algae that contain substances that are good for the skin, such as carotene and vitamin E. We’re currently getting these from plants, but that’s not sustainable, which is why we’re interested in algae. But at the moment, there’s not a single supplier that is able to provide us with algae that is suitable for cosmetic applications on a large scale.  Hopefully, the IDEA project will help us find a supplier of high-quality algae, with whom we can build a sustainable relationship.

Patrick Gonry
Business Development Manager, Gova Antwerp