Prof. Fady Nahra is an R&D researcher in the Sustainable Chemistry unit of VITO, responsible for the membrane modification platform within the nanofiltration technology team. He is also a guest professor at Ghent University (Belgium), since February 2020, in the field of green chemistry, ligand design and solid-state chemistry.

He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from UCLouvain (Belgium). His work experience spans over a decade in 3 different countries and 4 different universities (UCLouvain-Belgium, UPMC/Sorbonne-Paris, St Andrews university-UK and UGent-Belgium), covering a wide range of topics mainly in materials chemistry, organic chemistry, transition metal catalysis, coordination and fluorination chemistry. Prior to joining VITO, he worked at UGent as research fellow where he was awarded the incentive award (Belgian national award) in 2017 for excellence in research. He is the author of  numerous publications, including articles, reviews and book chapters in several high impact journals.

Since joining VITO in May 2019, he has been mainly focused on developing a new platform for hybrid/ceramic membrane technology, along with new processes for sequential catalysis/separation applications.

Research Interests:

  • Membrane development and process intensification
  • Membrane integration into catalytic processes
  • Catalysis
  • Design of organometallic catalysts
  • Fluorination and coordination chemistry


  • R&D Researcher
    VITO NV | Boeretang 200 | 2400 Mol
  • Guest Professor at Ghent University
    Department of Chemistry
    Campus Sterre, Building S-3
    Krijgslaan 281 - 9000 Ghent – Belgium
Prof. Fady Nahra

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