This four-year research project aims to develop new ways of valorising wheat bran, an agricultural co-product produced by milling and biorefineries.

ValBran will develop original and environmentally friendly biotechnological and green chemistry pathways for the production of various surfactant molecules from wheat bran. Molecules with high added value for various applications (cosmetics, detergents, phytosanitary agents…) will be targeted. The approach will consist of developing several laboratory-scale transformation pathways and then selecting the most promising(s) for pilot upscaling in order to obtain economic and environmental impact of the developed process(es). Wheat bran residues generated during the process will be of interest for animal feed.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and involves partners from the Grand Est Region, Wallonia and Flanders. The Flemish partners are VITO, the INAGRO association and the Catalisti cluster. VITO will focus on the enzymatic production of sugar esters and alkylglycosides.