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​VITO enhances industrial innovation regarding more efficient (bio)chemical processes, reuse of valuable components from process streams and industrial use of biomass and CO2.

Sustainability via multifocal innovation

VITO presents itself as a partner to the chemical and other industries in the search for further increased sustainability. In practice we focus on innovation in three domains:

  • Process efficiency
  • Sustainable use of raw materials
  • Membrane technology
  • Process efficiency – Combination of reaction and separation in a single reactor reduces energy consumption, waste and emissions, while the conversion is better and faster.
  • Sustainable use of raw materials – The valorisation of valuable components from waste streams and the promotion of biomass as a preferred raw material above oil, relieves the pressure on fossil feedstocks and creates biomass based chemical building blocks with new functionalities (ex. bioaromatics)
  • Membrane technology – Recuperating solvents and valuable fractions from residual industrial and agricultural streams. 

Who are our customers?

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical sector
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Food industry
  • Textile sector
  • Metal industry
  • Industrial biotechnology

New partnerships

New biobased chemistry will not break through by itself. This will only be possible by developing new value chains. To facilitate this transition, VITO injects its expertise into many consultation platforms and partnerships:

  • In Flanders VITO has set up FISCH (Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry) together with Essenscia. FISCH attracts the industry and R&D partners to ensure that sustainable chemistry becomes a reality in Flanders.
  • BIORIZON is a partnership between Flanders and the Netherlands regarding bioaromatics, with support from Sweden, Finland, Germany and Portugal.
  • The Flemish Algae Platform (in partnership with EABA, the European Algae Association) brings algae experts and users together to develop new applications. VITO is also the driving force behind the Sunbuilt initiative.
  • The BIG-C consortium supports the transition of the chemistry mega-cluster in Flanders, the Netherlands and the Rhine delta towards a biobased industry.