Group AVEVE and VITO innovate with the use of drones for crop optimization. Farmers are getting the most optimal varieties for their crops. 

Group AVEVE supports professional farmers and horticulturists with a large range of products and expert advice and is constantly investing in innovative technologies.  A recent innovation is MapEO, developed in collabroation with VITO.

What exactly is MapEO? drone technology that evaluates the growth and the evolution of different cereals.

Drone imagery for crop analysis

The drone imagery documents the growth process of the seed cereals in the field. At different times during the growing season and with different cameras, the drone flies over the plots to collect data on the crops, such as the health index. These data are then processed and analysed. After the growing season, Group AVEVE examines which seed varieties are most suitable for the farmer.


  • The big advantage of MapEO is efficiency, objectivity and a better understanding of the growth of each variety.
  • The drone technology allows continuous observations
  • The image analysis can quickly score crops for certain characteristics. Before, this was a time-consuming process done by hand.
  • The measurements of the drones are objective: the customer gets better and more informed advice.
  • It allows Group AVEVE to help farmers select cereal seed varieties that are best suited for his fields as well as with the growth process.

Innovation for the farmer

MapEO has been in use since November 2017, allowing farmers to benefit from this innovation even this year.With their next purchase of cereal seed at AVEVE they get the assurance that they have passed the best selection. The ultimate goal is to help professional farmers increase their returns and efficiency.