VITO currently employs around 100 laboratory and other technicians. They deliver maximum efforts each day to provide our researchers and engineers with the best possible support and help them achieve top results.

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Lab & Technicians

  • Je maakt deel uit van het team keramische materialen en poedermetallurgie (KMP) binnen VITO’s unit Duurzaam Materialenbeheer. Het KMP-team ontwikkelt innovatieve poreuze en functionele structuren voor toepassingen in onder meer de chemische industrie.
  • Als technisch operator sta je in voor het vormgeven van keramische structuren, voor een industriële klant. Daarbij zorg je voor de suspensie aanmaak, het vormgeven van de structuur, het afstellen, optimaliseren en onderhouden van de installaties, kwaliteitscontrole, etc.  
  • Je technische kennis en inzicht stellen je na een inwerkperiode in staat om zelfstandig de opdrachten uit te voeren. 
  • Je waakt over de vereisten op gebied van milieu, veiligheid en kwaliteit.


Lab & Technicians
  • As a laboratory assistant/technician, you will be part of the waste and recycling technologies (ART) team, which develops innovative processes for upgrading mineral waste to new materials and high-quality products.
  • Within the framework of projects for the recycling and material industry, you will be responsible for carrying out experiments in our laboratories. In doing so, you will apply a range of laboratory techniques, such as sample preparation, physical and chemical separation techniques and the creation/testing of new building materials. Examples include magnetic separation, density separation, mixing and granulating various powders, manufacturing concrete test pieces, concrete testing, quality testing of construction materials, etc.  
  • You will work on behalf of the researchers and in close collaboration with your fellow laboratory assistants.
  • You will ensure that requirements in the field of quality, safety and the environment are met and will be able to translate the technical tasks into QSE procedures.
  • After an induction period, your drive, technical knowledge and insight will enable you to carry out the tasks independently.


Lab & Technicians

The VITO-GOAL laboratory specializes in organic and inorganic analysis. Every year, it processes over 150 projects. The laboratory rarely carries out standard measurements. Most of its work is “made-to-measure”; especially made to fit the client’s demands. Clients often approach the laboratory with a specific problem or question, rather than wanting to know which analysis they would need. Our analytical team proposes a plan of approach and it helps provide solutions. The laboratory has a wide range of technology at its disposal; from simple to highly sophisticated equipment. Our customers are players in various industries: chemistry, food, pharmaceutics. Any complex question can be answered by the VITO-GOAL laboratory.
Would you like to contribute to this team?
We are looking for a motivated Lab Professional to strengthen our organic analysis team.

  • You are involved in the realization of various analysis tasks within the organic team. Together with the project leader, you think about the approach of the analysis and you make an estimate of the efforts to be made (time & resources);
  • The focus is on analysis using GC and LC chromatographic techniques coupled with mainly DAD and MS
  • You are responsible for the entire analysis process: sample preparation, development and validation of the most suitable measuring method, performing of measurements, quality control, interpreting the raw data obtained and the associated data processing and reporting. You make sure that the analysis are performed within the given deadlines and within the available budgets.
  • You perform these tasks in collaboration with other GC and LC team members. You report to the project leader.
  • You will actively contribute to the development process of new methods and to the improvement of applications already existing.
  • You communicate independently and on time about the progress of the work and about any unforeseen circumstances for which you work out a plan of action into a solution.

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