For the third year in a row, VITO organised the Belgian competition of ClimateLaunchpad. The last two years VITO managed to get a Belgian team in the European top 10. This year we wanted to do even better, resulting in high expectations for the Belgian final which took place on 13 September. It turned out to be an exceptionally good year, with a lot of great ideas from highly motivated teams, all focused on tackling climate change with a good business idea.

What happened before: 11 teams were selected for the bootcamp, with only the 6 best teams entering the Belgian final. The VITO coaches, Bart and Johan have seen the ideas grow from a draft idea to a solid pitch. Experts from the industry (Luc Sterckx, Stef Denayer, Wim Storme), Venture capital (Sofie Baeten), and research community (Walter Eevers) were included in the jury. They announced the following teams as the winners of this round:

  1.  FunMem: Selective membrane separation - Roel Vleesschouwers en Matthieu Dorbec (co-development VITO-UA)
  2. Feniks: Reusable construction materials from waste - Michiel Vuye, Raphaël Verhofstede,  Rhijn Van Collie Quinze, Floris De Wolf, Vincent van Elewijck
  3. Snodonia: Energy-efficient IT infrastructure - Bjorn Nuytens, Pieter Buteneers

On 17 and 18 October this top 3 will represent Belgium during the European final in Cyprus.


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