The Steering Committee Members of the Western Co-location Centre of EIT RawMaterials have decided that our VITO colleague, Karl Vrancken, will be the new Steering Committee Chairman for the next two years, with a seat on the strategic management team of EIT RawMaterials. The Western Co-location Centre in Leuven (BE) is one of the 6 co-location centres of EIT RawMaterials and brings together all EIT RawMaterials partners from Belgium, The Netherlands, western Germany and the United Kingdom. 

Karl Vrancken is active as research manager sustainable materials management at VITO and has been working for the knowledge and innovation community (KIC) EIT Raw Materials already from the concept stage and also as interim Chief Operations Officer in 2015. Since then Karl has remained strongly involved in KIC activities as a partner (VITO) but also making the link and stimulating collaboration with local, regional and European networks beyond the KIC.  

Karl Vrancken’s motivation: “I believe that EIT RawMaterials, and its Western Co-location Centre must be a focal point of innovation in the raw materials sector, for the Netherlands, UK, Western Germany and Belgium. The EIT RawMaterials has an indispensible role in developing raw materials into a strategic strength for Europe.”

We wish him well in his new challenge.

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