The production of renewable energy fluctuates depending on the availability of wind, sun … Good storage options for electricity are crucial to keeping supply and demand in balance. Europe wants to play a leading role in the development of this storage and to this end is also looking at battery technology.

Existing and new options

If we want to achieve the energy targets for 2050, we all must use a lot more renewable energy. The BATSTORM project (Battery-based energy storage roadmap) identifies existing and future possibilities of batteries and develops roadmaps and implementation plans. Based on this, European policy can develop a well-founded strategy. BATSTORM is not a pure research project but focuses on practical questions. Which technologies are already being used? Which services can provide electricity storage? What does this mean for European industry? What barriers are there and what should we use to accelerate positive evolutions? The long-term and short-term plans developed have been made available to the European Commission.