VITO/EnergyVille and the Swedish company NODA are collaborating on a way to turn citywide thermal networks into smart networks.

Cities are the perfect place to build affordable thermal networks that use waste heat to heat water. Such thermal networks can cover the cooling and heating needs of large groups of users, and bring local heat demand into balance with supply. The result is a more efficient energy supply thanks to the optimum use of renewable energy sources.

The aim is to increase efficiency by better predicting the demand for heating and cooling. This is done with an intelligent control algorithm: VITO/EnergyVille is developing the code, NODA is providing the hardware and software platform. The technology is being tested in two locations, each with a different profile: the Dutch city of Heerlen and the Swedish city of Växjö.”

Dirk Vanhoudt
R&D VITO/EnergyVille

At 28 °C, the water temperature in Heerlen is relatively low; in Växjö, the water is warmer, because there we make use of cogeneration running on wood chips and wood pellets. The collaboration between VITO and NODA is part of STORM, a Horizon 2020 project to make thermal networks more intelligent. Our technology should be ready for the market by the end of 2018.”

Markus Bergkvist NODA