Accelerate the transition to a competitive and clean energy system, short material cycles, a radical reduction of fossil-based feedstocks in the chemical sector, preventative healthcare and sustainable use of space and water. Those are VITO’s top priorities. Read more about how our vision and insights translate to real solutions.

To meet the challenges caused by an increased demand for sustainably sourced raw materials, limited natural resources and climate change, a shift towards the circular economy is becoming more crucial than ever. Therefore VITO helps authorities and companies switch to life-cycle thinking and develops circular business models.

2030 and 2050 are the horizons against which the outlines of the energy transition will be drawn. This transition must ultimately result in an energy system that is reliable, affordable and climate-neutral. As always, VITO/EnergyVille is providing its expertise to policy makers to support them in developing their long-term plans. What can we expect over the coming years and decades?

Air pollution and climate change are serious threats to our health and our environment. VITO supports governments, industry and the private sector in making decisions to become climate resilient and to improve air quality.

Geothermal energy forms an indispensable link in the renewable energy mix of the future. VITO is building the first deep geothermal energy plant in Flanders and will supply pioneering work in order to roll out geothermal energy on a large scale in Flanders.

Having enough water of a high quality is essential to life on our planet and a stable economy. Both surface water – in lakes and rivers – and groundwater require careful management. VITO experts are working together to create optimum water management.

Because of climate change we are having to change the ways we use and manage water. Public awareness is also growing that we need to reduce the impact of food production on the environment. Thanks to objective scientific research and cooperation with governments and stakeholders, we are creating technological innovations that offer unique opportunities to local entrepreneurs and service providers.