As a research organisation, we actively develop new technologies to help realise the circular economy. For this, we are looking beyond recycling and reuse of waste. Examples are new business models, technologies for water management, sustainable materials, digital applications, etc.

As an organisation, we are involved in a whole series of projects that support and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. Here our focus is not merely on Flanders or Belgium. We also actively apply our expertise and research infrastructure in Europe for projects involving the circular economy.

In a circular economy, companies create value in a way that is more sustainable than in a linear economy. This requires an innovative view on business models, which have to be based more and more on circular strategies. You can contact us for advice on the circular economy. We help companies to work out a circular business model for their products and services. We assist authorities with policy advice to facilitate the transition towards a circular economy.

Research in the field of cleantech and sustainable development is our core task. This is why the circular economy is one of our focus areas. We conduct research into more sustainable materials, better separation and recycling techniques, water management, sustainable chemical processes, etc.