To boost the renovation pace in Flanders and provide a clear renovation path to citizens, a "Wijkrenovatietool" is being made available to local authorities and their partners. The Digital Twin Wijkrenovatietool will combine the most accurate and reliable data sources with the best available tools and analyses to concretise and monitor data-driven collective renovation trajectories up to and including implementation. In combination with simulation tools and algorithms from VITO/EnergyVille, this tool will be used to determine the most suitable renovation and decarbonisation strategy.

01-01-2023 - 30-06-2024
Vlaamse overheid

Thanks to the toolchain being developed in this project, not only can the renovation needs of entire neighborhoods be digitally mapped at once, but opportunities for collective trajectories for both heating and insulation are also identified. This specific advice is then translated into a strategy for each individual home, with the Energy House taking a central role between the city or municipality, the resident, and any contractors carrying out the renovation work.