Are you looking for a partner to market a business idea?  We offer our expertise in all the development phases of your company or product. This ranges from working out prototypes to looking for the right partners and finding the optimal financial resources to maximise your opportunities on the market. Our goal is simple: we turn your idea into a successful new start-up. We inject knowledge and intellectual property into the economy.


VITO has an extensive range of innovations and patents. We transfer knowledge about the technology to your company and grant a licence to use the technology and the patents. Exclusive and non-exclusive licences are possible.

The inhabitants of East and West Flanders (Belgium) discover the savings potential of their home with the first scientific and free-of-charge energy audit tool!

VITO/EnergyVille and the Swedish company NODA are collaborating on a way to turn citywide thermal networks into smart networks.

Greensoil deploys unique VITO process for on-site sanitation of contaminated groundwater

Belgian start-up that combines data captured by drones and machine learning partners up with VITO

At 28 °C, the water temperature in heerlen is relatively low; in Växjö, the water is warmer, because there we make use of cogeneration running on wood chips and wood pellets. The collaboration between VITO and NODA is part of STORM, a horizon 2020 project to make thermal networks more intelligent. Our technology should be ready for the market by the end of 2018.

Markus Bergkvist


New companies are established to introduce VITO technology on the market. This is done by VITO employees or external entrepreneurs. We provide assistance throughout the process, from the initial idea, the first market exploration, the preparation of a business plan, the financial plan to finding capital.

Laser Cladding Venture specialises in laser cladding, a technology that uses a laser to fuse metal powders on objects, a so-called workpiece. This way, you can apply high-quality coatings that ensure that mechanic parts last much longer and perform 3D printing in a unique way.

UniFly laat bemande en onbemande vliegtuigen toe veilig hetzelfde luchtruim te delen

Activ84Health is a start-up that develops technology to keep people with a disabilities physically active in a motivating, pleasant and at the same time safe environment. Activ84Health is a platform that allows users to freely explore known and new areas while being physically active, from within the safety and comfort of an indoor setting. Through Google Streetview images, our user can virtually go outside again and this experience (re)opens a window to the world.


VITO has completed a major technology transfer to its spin-off APEMCO (Atmospheric Plasma Equipment Manufacturing Company).

A consortium of local Belgium Investors consisting of QBIC II, LRM, and the Innovation Fund have joined The Dow Chemical Company to invest in Blue Foot Membranes NV (BFM). BFM was spun out of VITO following decades of research into innovative membrane technology, which will be used for the production of Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) for the treatment of Industrial and Municipal waste water.

iFLUX, the latest spin-off of UAntwerp and VITO, developed an innovative groundwater monitor to accurately and efficiently map the spread of soil pollution.

We use our own, patented technology. Together with a recognised soil expert, we draw up a monitoring plan that determines the waterflux. After the measurement campaign, we analyse and interpret the data, which is often crucial information for the expert in order to correctly assess the risks and apply the most efficient remediation technique.

Tim Op ‘t Eyndt
Managing Director